Political Issues

Public Safety – Safe communities are essential to retaining Harford County citizens, attracting new residents, and stimulating economic development. I support Safety Resource Officers in our schools to provide a safer learning environment to protect the children, teachers, and staff. I am in favor of providing Law enforcement with the additional resources they need to eradicate gang violence and continue to attack the opioid and heroin epidemics that plague Harford County.

Schools and Education – Harford County Public Schools are among the best in the state. I have advocated for increased teacher pay to retain our quality teachers and continue to offer programs like STEM that encourage academic excellence. Our schools need enhanced technology for our students and a stronger emphasis placed on technical skills and vocational training.

Planning and Zoning – I am an advocate of protecting our property rights, as one of the cornerstones of our American freedoms. Harford County’s growth needs to demonstrate a balance between improved county development areas while preserving Harford County’s agricultural roots and our treasured Chesapeake Bay watershed. I plan to examine Harford County’s outdated zoning code and specifically tackle the distinctions between General Industrial(GI) and Light Industrial(LI). My plan is to develop a committee of elected officials, county leaders, land use experts and local residents to review Harford County’s zoning code to identify more appropriate classifications to protect our residents and our environment. I believe that great opportunities for growth lie in improving our Rt. 40 corridor.

Economic Development – Economic Development is an essential component of a healthy and vibrant Harford County. I will work to promote the attributes of Harford County to attract new residents and businesses, such as the quality of our education system, the safe environment provided to our residents, our excellent Sheriff’s office and law enforcement team, historic Havre de Grace, the modern village community setting in Abingdon, the natural beauty of our treasured Chesapeake Bay, and our agricultural heritage, just to name a few. We need to provide incentive packages for businesses offering skilled labor opportunities that include special financing and tax credits with an efficient process to make for a smooth transition to their new home in Harford County. The re-development of the Science and Technology Corridor (Rt. 40) is essential to future economic and business growth in Harford County and should be given high priority.

County Roads – Improvements are needed in Harford County to ensure safe and efficient public transportation, bus stops and vital road surface quality. EMS and Fire Department personnel depend on quality roadways and a smooth flow of traffic to minimize response time to save lives and ensure our safety. I will continue to advocate for increased funding for road improvements with our Harford County delegation in Annapolis. I am currently working to address areas of concern with several of our roadways and intersections in District F.

Small Business – As a business owner for 35+ years, I am on the front lines of dealing with the economic challenges Harford County employers and employees face. I am strongly in favor of incentives to promote business ownership. I know what it is to sign a paycheck and create jobs. Small business is the backbone of our economy and a thriving business environment lessens dependence on government programs and produces revenue to support a strong tax base in Harford County. I will continue to work to promote a business-friendly environment.

Property Taxes – I oppose increases in property taxes in Harford County. Residential property owners account for approximately 77% of Harford County’s tax revenue. Harford County businesses are also strong generators of tax revenue for Harford County. I will continue to advocate for bringing more businesses with skilled labor jobs to Harford County.